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Alinta Consulting (Alinta) Offers:

  • Consultancy services
  • Training needs analysis; training design and development; training delivery; and evaluation services
  • A full administration service for delivering short course training programs
  • Hands-on support in all aspects of procurement and contracting practice

"Very engaging presenter with a lot of industry experience" L.M.

"The facilitator was engaging, knowledgeable and presented the information in an interesting way”  D.W. 

“I thought the course was very good. The presenter seemed to know their stuff and had some interesting stories which underlined the main points they were making” P.S.

“I found the presenters had an excellent subject-matter knowledge supported by their work history, and practically applied this to the learning environment.  As a relatively new procurement practitioner, I found their delivery was targeted well on developing specifications” N.D.

“The trainer knew their stuff – the session was engaging and I found the discussion of case studies from other organisations really helpful”  S.L.

“The workshop was very well run and one of the best I have attended.  What I liked was that there were no distracting “Games” run and everything was to the point and illustrated with good and relevant real world examples”  K.B.

“I found the training very engaging especially with the presenter providing examples of big government contracts going wrong costing millions”  R. Z.

Training Services

Alinta Consulting delivers high quality procurement and contracting, probity, risk management, communication and presentation training courses to many Government Departments and entities.

Alinta specialises in providing in-house training that is adapted to meet our client’s needs. This includes tailoring to reflect a client’s internal policy and processes, procurement and contracting profile and the client’s location and availability.

Our highly experienced team of procurement, contracting, communication, risk management and training specialists have designed, developed and delivered training to commercial organisations, all three tiers of government and statutory bodies.

With a highly developed capability for contextualising our programs to client needs, Alinta Consulting is well qualified to develop and deliver any type of procurement and contracting training, risk management, probity, communications and presentation skills program to personnel of any level and experience.

Some examples of Alinta short courses include:

  • Contract Law Essentials
  • Fundamentals of Procurement and Contracting
  • Develop Specifications and Statement of Requirements
  • Effective Category Management
  • Procure Goods and Services
  • Managing Supplier Relationships
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Manage Grants
  • Plan Procurement
  • Managing Social Procurement and the Supply Chain
  • Developing and Evaluating Tenders
  • Manage Contracts
  • Establishing and Managing Contracts and Contract Performance
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Identifying and Managing Risk within a Procurement
  • Identifying and Managing Risk within a Contract
  • Masterclass in Presentation Skills
  • Effective Communication

Sample Training Programs developed and delivered by Alinta Consulting:

Home Affairs

Department of Home Affairs

Contract Management Training

Alinta worked with the Department of Home Affairs to design, develop and implement a tailored Contract Management day-course to enable upskilling and development of staff across the department who are responsible for managing contracts in their roles.

The course is delivered face-to-face and aimed at staff who manage and are responsible for complex and medium risk contracts valued between $1 to $10 million. Alinta also manages all Course Registration, feedback and feedback reporting processes for this course on behalf of the department.


Consultancy Services

Alinta Consulting is a leading Indigenous consultancy with a proven track record of supporting organisational improvement and transformation, through contemporary and innovative solutions.

We have designed and delivered many consultancies, learning and development programs for agencies across all Australian Government tiers.

Alinta offers a wide range of services. Our niche is in the procurement and contracting environment, but we also help government entities build organisational capacity and capable people across many other business streams. We are government experts.

Our services are always tailored to our clients’ needs and we work closely with our clients to achieve their business objectives. We take a highly tailored approach to all our work.

Our team offers consulting advice and solutions expertise in a range of business consultancy areas including Procurement, Risk Management, Probity. Policy and Procedural reviews and Program review, assurance and design. We have developed whole of organisation risk and assurance frameworks, whole of organisation procurement frameworks, procedures and processes, reviewed Government programs and supporting implementation strategies for compliance with legislation and government policies and provided recommendations for improvement.

We have undertaken whole of organisation probity audits including organisational policy, practices and management and reviewed contract management practices as well as developing organisational level frameworks for contracting and procurement.

Our Procurement consultancies have also included:

Procurement Monitoring, Assessments and Auditing: conducting independent procurement reviews to verify if procurement activities are undertaken in compliance with government and departmental procedures, laws, rules and regulations.

Procurement Strategy Development and tender management: advising government departments, and Authorities on strategic approaches to procurement.
Procurement Reform: assisting Government departments and other organisations with procurement reform including reform and update of frameworks. procurement systems, structure, procedures and process assessment and redesign.


Sample Consultancy services delivered by Alinta:


Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Financial Contract Adjustments

Alinta provided expertise and calculations within CPI and WPI variation formula and price adjustment indices for three providers identified under their Contracts/Deeds. This involved applying the adjustments to 110 prices across the three Contracts/Deeds.

Alinta also prepared, submitted and discussed reported findings and recommendations for financial viability reports with ATO contract managers.

Home Affairs